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PAy-per-click programs (sem)

PPC advertising is a great marketing tool for many healthcare practices. With PPC advertising, our clients can choose a budget based on the aggressiveness of their marketing strategy. It’s a great option when introducing a new service, or trying to increase web traffic for a newly created website.

If you have a new practice, if your site has been re-designed or launched recently, you want to promote new services, or you just want people to know who you are, PPC is for you. PPC ads are posted at the top and right side of search engine results pages – prime real estate on the page that draws the eye right away.

Performance Tracking and Results
Rest assured that we will make sure your PPC campaign stays as effective and efficient as possible by tracking keyword and phrase successes, which ads bring in the most traffic, updates to ad-specific landing pages, conversion rates and more. By doing this, you can be assured that your PPC ads are operating at maximum levels, especially since we can make any necessary changes immediately.

Interested in getting your PPC campaign started? We would be happy to walk you through the details and get your campaigns up and running. Contact us today to hear more about how Med-Marketers can be your practice's extended marketing arm!

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